Monday, December 2, 2013

New Game: Stock Market Crash 2

The game Stock Market Crash 2 is finished and can be played here:

Buy and sell stocks to make a ton of money! If the stock reaches the bottom, it may crash and all those stocks will be lost. If the stock reaches the top of the screen, it will split and your stocks will be doubled.

The Bull is a sign of rising prices. The Bull will give a kiss to a stock and help it out. A few stocks, like missiles, have a bad reaction to the Bull's love and may crash. You can click the Bull to make him run away.


Sunday, December 1, 2013

Speedy Thief Dash

Speedy Thief Dash is finished and ready to play!

Speedy Thief must dash through the rooms as fast as he can, picking up treasure along the way. He has a limited amount of time, so he has to move quickly.

How to Move:
Click where you want Speedy Thief to go. He will move in a straight line towards the spot you clicked. If there is a wall in the way, he will try to go around it as best he can, but it is hard to be nimble when you are dashing about like lightning.

How to Attack:
To set a bomb, click directly on Speedy Thief. When you click somewhere else to move, the bomb will go off. If you want to defuse the bomb, click directly on Speedy Thief again. Bombs can blow up enemies, open chests and destroy brick walls. You have a limited supply of bombs.

Speedy Thief Dash Title Screen

Play the Game!


Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Key Ghost

The Key Ghost loves to gobble up keys. Once they have the key in their tummy they are so full of joy they will fly around the level at double speed.


Monday, November 4, 2013

Speedy Thief Dash Infographic

Speedy Thief Dash has been in development for three years. Three YEARS!! That is too long. This game will NEVER be finished... but it is...almost finished!

Here is an infographic for the game explaining the game's controls.

Speedy Thief Dash is a sequel to the smash hit Speady Thief. The ninja in this game is the grandson of the original Sneaky Thief.  He is super fast and drops bombs instead of using a sword. Currently there are 100 levels to dash through, with five floors and hundreds of different level layouts.