Sunday, December 5, 2010

Ping's Quest Preview

Ping's quest is an adventure game that is in development by CartoonDan. Ping is an archer who must prove he is worthy to carry on his grandfathers mantle as the tribe Silver Leaf Guardian.


Saturday, December 4, 2010

Gold Pit is Finished

My new game Gold Pit is now up. You can play it here: Gold Pit

The goal of the game is to grab the treasure while you repel down a giant pit. To control your player you click on the screen to jump to that position. While you are jumping move the mouse up and down to go up or down. Click the mouse while in the air to swing your pick. You can break rocks and defeat your enemies with your trusty pick.

It has two worlds with five levels each. At the end of the first world you have to protect 7 canaries from getting smashed by rocks and at the end of the second world you have to defeat the giant Boss Bat. It has some fun animated sequences at the end of each world and you get a different animation depending on how well you did.

You get this ending, if you saved all the canaries.

You get this ending, if you let all the little birdies get bonked.


Thursday, October 14, 2010

2Bit No Kick

The new game 2Bit No Kick is now up at

title screen

This game is done in the 2Bit style of old Atari games. I played a lot of old, strange games on my Atari 800 growing up. Most of the truly strange stuff came on floppy discs we got from our neighbor. These games were made by ordinary people and passed along on an early version of the Internet. At this point I had no idea what the Internet was. Most people didn't.

I got the idea for this game right after I kicked my nephew. I like my nephew a lot. He's a good fellow. One day he was bugging me to do something. I tried to stay calm but he kept escalating his bugging. First it was poking, then kicking, head buts, and then full body rams. I lost my cool and gave him a little kick.

Sometimes it is hard to stay relaxed. That's where 2Bit No Kick comes in. It gives you practice staying relaxed.

game screen

The game is pretty simple. The black boxes go across the blue bars at random times and at random speeds. You need to click on the blue bar when the black box is on top of the green box. The closer it is to the center of the green box the more points you get. When you make mistakes your character gets more and more stressed out. When he gets too angry he looses his cool and kicks.

One of the best things about this game is the "Customization" tool. You can change the way the characters look and what they say. You can make the main character look like you and have the other guy look like your little sister, boss, ex-wife or whoever.

customize screen

There are over 90 different hair styles to choose from

At the end of the game you can be best friends and have a good time

... or you can kick.


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Kick Head for Facebook

This is the new title screen for Kick Head for Facebook. The Facebook version has an upgrade system where you earn a new upgrade or move for each level you finish. It also will have a new tutorial level and a new level 1. In the new level you will go through a tournament in your dojo to see who the best fighter is in your clan.

This is the new Level one. Kick Head is doing the new Fire Kick move you unlock from beating the dragon. Once you have unlocked a move you can use it the next time you play on the earlier levels. Most of the special moves require you to use some of your energy. Your energy is the green bar below the health bar. The energy bar slowly refills during the level and is fully refilled at the start of each level.

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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Gold Pit Title Screen

This is the title screen for Gold Pit. Grabbing gold as you rappel down a ten mile pit is loads of fun! So, whats the story behind this gold grabbing girl? Who is she? Why is she such a gold digger? All these questions will be answered soon.

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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Gold Pit Game Screen - Rocks World

This is the game screen from the first world in Gold Pit. This world is called Rocks because there are a lot of rocks in it. Rocks mostly just get in your way, but some rocks have gold in them. You can get the gold out of the rocks by hitting them with your pick or your body. Breaking the rocks open with your body is bad for your health.

On the top of the screen there are three gauges.

Level Bar: The green bar shows your progress through the level.

Gold Bar: The gold bar is your gold bonus meter. You fill it by collecting gold. When it is full you get four bonuses. If your health meter is not full, the bonuses go to your health meter and fill it up a bit. Once your health meter is full the bonus go over to your money bag and give you tons of points.

Health Bar: The pink bar is your health meter. When it is empty you will fall down the screen. If you fall all the way off the screen it's game over. On the way down you can still bump into stuff. If you run into obstacles or bad guys you will bounce back up into the air. If you run into enough gold and fill your gold meter, you will be healed and will be as good as new.

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Three Gold Pit Bats

These are three of the creatures from world two of Gold Pit.

Small Bat: Small bats move back and forth as they fly up the screen. They are small but will give you a good bite if you run into them.

Evil Bat: The evil bat is out for blood. If you swing below an evil bat it will dive bomb you and do a lot of damage.

Fat Bat: The fat bat is big, slow and gross. They really get in your way, and don't even ask what happens when you hit one of these guys with your pick!

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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Gold Pit, coming soon!

Gold Pit is the next game I am working on for In Gold Pit you rappel down a large pit collecting gold and other treasures. There are currently 15 levels and 3 worlds to repel through.

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