Monday, March 26, 2012

Cow - Behind the Scenes

You can read the Cow Story here:

My six year old son Gannon loves writing stories about animals. He gets ten pieces of paper and staples them together and makes books. I took a few of his stories and illustrated them and made them into online books.

Here is Gannon holding his original Cow book.

Gannon's original script
My illustration

Gannon's original script

My illustration, I added the quotation marks

I plan on illustrating a few more of Gannon's books as well as a few of my own. Here Gannon is working hard on "Elephant".

Gannon writing the first page of the Elephant book


Friday, March 23, 2012

Cow - CartoonDan Kid's Book

CartoonDan now has a book section with interactive story books. You can turn the pages by clicking on them or click the read button to have the story read to you with dramatic narration. We are planning on adding lots of new books soon. Have fun reading!

Click: CartoonDan Books to visit the book section.

Cow is the story of a little cow who gets into some trouble. It was written by my six year old son and illustrated by me Dan Glover.

Click: Cow to read the story.

the little ones always make the most noise

cow made a mess again

_ CartoonDan