Thursday, March 24, 2011

Tortoise Tumble Version 1.4

Tortoise Tumble Version 1.4 is complete.
You can play it here:

Here is a list of the items that were updated.

     - New game mode, Tactical Mode.
     - Global high scores were added.
     - Harder difficulties need to be unlocked.
     - New sound effects were added during game play.
     - Squares with upside down tortoises are now shaded dark to let you know
       that it is bad for tortoises to be on their backs.

The object of the game is to flip all of the tortoises right side up. You jump over a tortoise to flip it over, kind of like checkers.

The biggest new feature is the Tactical Mode. Tactical mode has no time limit, so you can play it at your own pace and plan out your moves. You have a limited number of moves to complete the game with. At the end of each level you are awarded a set number of extra moves. You can earn more bonus moves by finishing a level with a tortoise on a "+1" square.


Thursday, March 17, 2011

Rocket MX

My newest game Rocket MX is now live at

Jump off ramps and use your turbo to stay in the air and land gently. When you land your bike make sure to use turbo to slow down your speed and land softly. If you hit the ground too fast you will crash. You can hit jumps at any speed and safely bounce off them.

Perform tricks to earn extra points. Score as many points as you can.

I had an old version of Rocket Mx that I made about eight years ago. When I made it, I thought it was pretty good. When I played it again a few months ago I no longer liked it very much. I decided to remake it from scratch. I like the new version a lot better. I wonder If I will still like it eight from now.