Monday, December 24, 2012

Pacifist Mode in Snow Angels


Some people may prefer not to knock their fellow man senseless with balls of packed snow and ice. If you are such a person then Snow Angels has a secret mode just for you. You can play Snow Angels without having to defeat your enemies with snowballs if you are in Pacifist Mode.

To enter Pacifist Mode simply do not knock down any of the enemies with snowballs on level one. Normally if time runs out and there are still enemies standing, you run away sacred yelling "RUN!"and loose a heart. In Pacifist Mode you yell "Bye!" at the end of the level and you do not loose any health. As soon as you knock down an enemy you will exit Pacifist mode.

You can still score points in Pacifist Mode. You can knock down trees and snowmen to gain a few points, but your main source of points will come from hitting the hidden Christmas Pickles for 2000 points. Look out for the star multiplies and with a careful shot you can turn that 2000 points into 4000 or 6000. Just hit the star and the pickle with the same snowball.

Hopefully Pacifist Mode will give players a fun friendly alternative way to play the game.

In the future I plan on adding some game achievements to Snow Angels that will include some achievements for Pacifist mode. I will also add in a few more ways to score points, new sound effects and new cut scenes made specifically for Pacifist Mode.

You can play Snow Angels by clicking this link: Play Snow Angels


Friday, December 21, 2012

Snow Angels

My new game Christmas game Snow Angels is finished and can be played at:

 It's a snowball fight! Defeat all the enemies on a level to pass the level. When you beat a level the time left on the clock will be turned into bonus points. If time runs out you will loose one heart and run away scared to the next level. If you get hit too many times and loose all your hearts it's game over.

- Click below the dotted line to move to that spot
- Click above the dotted line to throw a snowball
- Stand still to dig for new snowballs (refill your ammo)

To aim, wait for the arrow to point at the object you want to hit. The arrow moves back and forth on its own. When it is lined up with your target click to throw a snowball in that direction. You can also bounce snowballs off the edge of the screen to perform some tricky shots.

On each level there is at least one hidden Christmas Pickle. Hit it to score a cheery 2000 points! It's worth a look!

You can get point multipliers if you hit a star and then a target with the same snowball. Lining up the shot can be tricky but you can score massive points.
On some levels your little sister will tag along with you. If you keep her safe and beat the level, she will give you a heart to refill some of your lost health. If you beat a level and keep the woodland creatures safe, they will give you some bonus points.

When you defeat another snowballer, coins will pop out of them. Grab them quick before they disappear. At the end of your game you can use these coins to upgrade your character. Become stronger, faster, and throw different snowballs.

The better you play the game the more interesting and challenging things you will see.

You can play the game free at:


Wednesday, November 7, 2012

CartoonDan's First Custom Ad

I made my first custom flash add on CartoonDan. It is for my wife's new Etsy business Lavender Peach. Here are a few screens from the flash ad. The whole ad is under 50k and has a lot of animation in it.

You can check out the add in action to see the animations here:
Animated Ad

Here are the gift tags the add links to:
Lavender Peach - Christmas Tags


Tuesday, November 6, 2012

CartoonDan Walpapers

I made some fun wallpapers and put them on the Cartoondan Facebook page as a fan bonus. If you go to the Cartoondan Facebook page and click on the fan bonus tab you can download these cool wallpapers.

CartoonDan Facebook Page

Fan Bonus Wallpaper Page

Here are some of the wallpapers. If you have any suggestions for wallpapers you would like let me know.



Monday, November 5, 2012


The cute new book Fox is now available to read at:

This story is all about a fox that loves to have fun and play non stop. Will this guy ever run out of energy? His mother sure hopes so.

cute little fox

Oh NOOooo!!

Dont't forget to read the book:
Read Fox


Sunday, November 4, 2012

Lavender Peach - Christmas Gift Tags

My wife has started a new business on Etsy and her first products are Christmas Gift tags. You can get them here:

The Christmas tags are really cute. Here are a few pictures of them.


Saturday, November 3, 2012

The Potato Drive

The exciting new book The Potato Drive is available now and can bee read for free at:

The Potato Drive is the story about a plucky spud who want to go for a drive is his off road truck. There is only one thing between him and the open road, Lunch.

The potato doesn't want to eat his lunch

Time for some off roading adventure

This story was written by my six year old son Gannon and illustrated by me, Dan Glover.

Gannon has always had a lot of trouble with food, and meal times cause him a lot of grief. It often takes him an hour to finish his dinner. His main incentive for eating it is so he can go play computer or watch some YouTube videos.This story reflects his belief that meals are the obstacles you need to suffer through in order to get to something good.

For the illustrations I decided to use a Wacom tablet and do all of the artwork in photoshop. I sketched out the images in photoshop and then drew over the rough sketch on another layer.

Don't forget to check out the book.


Thursday, May 31, 2012

Diving Birds is Finished

My new game Diving Birds is up and ready to play:

Help a cute little birdie take its first flight. Fly as far as you can by diving and bouncing on clouds, leaves, turkeys, angels and all sorts of crazy stuff.

When you fly up super high you might see a UFO.

I think this angel just got bonked by a bird.

This grumpy cloud doesn't like to be bounced on.


Grim Reaper

Things are starting to get crazy. Pigs are flying!
 Have fun playing the game. It is easy to control. Just hold the mouse down to dive. The harder you hit an object the further you will bounce up from it. Try it out at


Friday, May 11, 2012

CartoonDan Portfolio

I have just added my protfolio to my website:

It shows the programs I have worked on for the past thirteen years. If you want to see what other projects I have done besides, check it out.

If you just want to see some of the artwork I have done you can skip right to the Illustrations Section.


Tuppy - Story

The Tuppy book is now up at:

This is story about my pet tortoise named Tuppy. It tells about where he lives and what he likes to do. This story is illustrated with photographs instead of drawings.

Tuppy is an African Spurred Tortoise
Tuppy eats an apple
Tuppy having a serious moment
Tuppy enjoying the snow

You can read the full story here:


Monday, May 7, 2012

The Birthday Wish - Book

I have just added a new book The Birthday Wish to the CartoonDan Books book shelf.

Danny was having fun pretending to be sad. He had a secret plan. It was his birthday but he hadn't asked for any presents or even a birthday party. He wanted something even better...

Danny doesn't want an apple, an apple isn't candy.

Everyone is having fun at recess.

Danny uses chocolate sauce as a perfume.

You can read the whole book here:


CartoonDan New Look now has a new look. I tried to simplify the home page and add a bunch fun images to the site. You can still find all the old games under the games tab at the top of the website.

Play some fun!

Check out


Monday, March 26, 2012

Cow - Behind the Scenes

You can read the Cow Story here:

My six year old son Gannon loves writing stories about animals. He gets ten pieces of paper and staples them together and makes books. I took a few of his stories and illustrated them and made them into online books.

Here is Gannon holding his original Cow book.

Gannon's original script
My illustration

Gannon's original script

My illustration, I added the quotation marks

I plan on illustrating a few more of Gannon's books as well as a few of my own. Here Gannon is working hard on "Elephant".

Gannon writing the first page of the Elephant book